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Employer                                                                                       6,3

Employee                                                                                      6,3


The maximum level of annual income on which social insurance contributions are paid on is as follows:


Weekly employees                                                                     22.100

Monthly employees                                                                  22.104


The contributions of self-employed persons are 11,6 per cent of income.


The lower limits of income on which self-employed persons pay social insurance contributions are:


Wholesalers, estate agents, insurance                                        14.014

agents, industrialists and other businessmen

Persons exercising a profession for                                           14.040/

over/under ten years                                                                      6.968

Builders and other related businesses                                         8.788

(maximum amount 22.100)

Technicians working in urban areas                                            6.968

Transport drivers, excavator drivers and                                    6.968

other related activities

Other persons working in urban areas                                        6.968

Farmers, stock breeders, fishermen and other                            5.096

related activities

Clergy                                                                                         5.096

Hawkers                                                                                     5.096

Other persons working in farming areas                                    5.096


Other employer’s contributions


The employer makes the following contributions based on employees emoluments:



Social cohesion fund                                                                    2

Redundancy fund                                                                       1,2

Industrial trading fund                                                                0,5

Holiday fund (if is not exempt)                                                   8

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