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The following table gives the amount or rate of duty payable on certain documents. Transactions which fall within the scope of reorganizations are exempt from stamp duty. Also, any contracts relating to assets situated outside Cyprus or business affairs that take place outside Cyprus are exempt from stamp duty.


Nature of documents


Receipts - for sums of C£2 -  C£20                                                   2 cents

Receipts - for sums of over C£20                                                      4 cents

Cheques                                                                                              3 cents

Letters of credit                                                                                    C£1

Letters of guarantee                                                                              C£2

Bills of exchange (payable within three

days on demand or at sight)                                                                50 cents

Contracts - over C£100.000                                                      C£1,5 per thousand

                   - over C£100.000                                                        C£2 per thousand

- without fixed sum                                                                               C£20

Customs declaration documents                                                   C£10 C£20

Bills of lading                                                                                       C£2

Charterparty                                                                                       C£10

Registration of a limited company:

- authorised share capital up to C£5.000                                              C£75

- authorised share capital between

C£5.001 to C£10.000                                                                          C£125

C£10.001 to C£8.000.000                                                              C£125 on first

                                                                                                 C£10.000 plus 30 cents

                                                                                                      for every C£100

- authorised share capital in excess of

C£8.000.000                                                                                     C£24.098

Powers of attorney - general                                                               C£3

                                  - limited                                                               C£1

Certified copies of contracts and documents                                      C£1


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