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Personal Tax Rates PDF Print E-mail
The following income tax rates apply to individuals:
Chargeable income                  Tax rate                    Accumulated tax
                      C£                         %                                  C£
             0 - 9.000                        Nil                                   Nil                                    
     9.001 - 12.000                        20                                 600
   12.001 - 15.000                        25                               1.350
         over 15.000                        30

Foreign pension is taxed at the rate of 5%. An annual exemptionof Cí2.000 is granted.


They are exempt from tax:

Type of income                                                                                         Exemption limit

• Interest                                                                        The whole amount

• Dividends                                                                      The whole amount

• Remuneration from any office or                                        20% of income with a
  employment exercised in Cyprus by                                    maximum amount of
  an individual who was not resident                                     C& 5.000 annually
  of Cyprus before the commencement
  of his employment, for a period of
  3 years commencing from 1st January
  following the year of commencement
  of the employment

• Remuneration from salaried                                              The whole amount      
  services rendered outside
  Cyprus for more than 90
  days in a tax year to a non-Cyprus
  resident employer or to a foreign
  permanent establishment of a Cyprus
  resident employer

• Profits of a permanent establishment                                 The whole amount
  abroad under certain conditions

• Lump sum received by way of retiring                                The whole amount
  gratuity, computation of pension or
  compensation for death or injuries.

• Capital sums accruing to individuals                                   The whole amount
  from any payments to approved funds
  (eg provident funds)

• Deposits with Housing Finance Corporations.                       40% of the amount Deposited
                                                                                     The amount deposited cannot
                                                                                     exceed 25% of a persons total

• Profits from the sale of securities *                                    The whole amount

* Securities is defined as shares, bonds, debentures, founders’ sharesand other securities of companies or other legal persons, incorporatedin Cyprus or abroad and options thereon.

Tax deductions

The following are deducted from income:

• Loan interest for private residence                                     Up to 500
(abolished on 1/1/2004)

• Other interest                                                                 Up to 100

• Contributions to trade unions or                                         The whole amount
   professional bodies

• Loss of current year and previous years                              The whole amount

• On any rental income                                                       20% of rental income

• Donations to approved charities (with receipts)                    The whole amount

• Expenditure incurred for the maintenance                           Up to 200, 300                          
of a building in respect of which there is in force                    or 350 per square meter
a Preservation Order                                                         (depending of the area 
                                                                                      of the building)
• Donations by salaried employees to
  approved charities without receipt:
                              Salary     up to C&2.000     5 
                              C£ 2.001 up to Cí3.500    15
                              C£ 3.501 up to Cí5.000    30
                              C£ 5.001 up to Cí7.500    60
                              C£ 7.501 up to Cí10.000  100
                                              over Cí10.000 150

• Social Insurance, provident fund,                                     Up to 1/6 of the chargeable
  medical fund, pension fund contributions                            income
  and life insurance premiums
  (the allowable annual life premium is restricted
  to 7 percent of the insured amount)

Social grants

The following social grants are given:
• Grant of C£ 1.500 per annum for every child receiving full time education in Cyprus (with certain restrictions) or full time university education outside Cyprus.

• Grant of C£ 1.800 per annum for blind persons.

• Grant for each dependant child of a family resident in Cyprus subject to the following family income criteria:

            Annual Family income  (CY£)                      Annual grant  (CY£)
           1 child             Up to 13.000                                    250
                               13.001-27.000                                   200
                                       > 27.000                                     -

          2 children          Up to 18.000                                   600
                               18.001-31.000                                   500
                                       > 31.000                                     -

          3 children          Up to 18.000                                1.400
                               18.001-34.000                                1.200
                                       > 34.000                                     -

          4 children          Up to 21.000                                 2.800
                               21.001-34.000                                1.900
                               34.001-44.000                                1.200
                                       > 44.000                                    -
       Additional Up to 21.000 + 2.500                          Additional 550
       number of children for each child                         for each child
                            > 21.000 + 2.500                        Additional 500
                                  for each child                       for each child
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